Tianjin Zhonglian Rio Tinto Food Machinery Co., Ltd.
Company advantage

Our advantage

1.More accurate

Our company has all kinds of modern precision machines such as CNC machining center, CNC cutting machine, CNC folding arm electric tapping machine, laser cutting machine, flexible three-dimensional welding workbench, electric spark machine, and gantry type milling machine. Various types of grinding machine, drilling machine, boring machine, shearing machine, bending machine, punching machine, sawing machine more than 30 sets. All these machines strongly guaranteed the accuracy of the machines and parts, number of processing and manufacturing speed.


2.More experience

Our company was founded in 2009, now we have more than 30 well skilled employees. They covers the the entire procedure such as design, product processing, parts processing, bending & welding, quality inspection, warehousing, assembly, sand blasting & painting, and final installation. Our internal management system is concise and fluent, our insurance policy well covered the safety issues. All these makes our employees happy so they can focused on their job. We also get the ISO9001 certification system, to ensure the quality and quantity of equipment.


3.More services

Our company work closely with the food production enterprises, flavoring product enterprises, packaging material enterprises and food professional universities. Now we have obtained various of competitive snack process technology and seasoning formula. We can provide customers with food factory design, raw materials purchase, snack production, snack sales, packaging design and other related services. 


4.More product

Our company now handled more than 200 of different snack processing technology, they belongs to 4 categories, direct expansion snack, twice expansion snack, compound potato chips, textured soya protein. These product covers majority of products on the market. We also have more than 20 years of experience in seasoning recipe, ensures our customers can produce their ideal product.


5.More possibility

We have more than 5 sites of snack food factories.

We have other production lines for different product.

We accept OEM service for both snack food and machinery.


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